Noor Al-Amana launches Pharmathen‘s CNS portfolio in Libya

Since 2020, Noor Al-Amana has been the exclusive distributor of Pharmathen‘s products in Libya. Another milestone of our successful cooperation is the current launch of CNS pharmaceuticals in the Libyan market. With cutting-edge and highly effective active ingredients, we are providing the Libyan healthcare system and its patients with a completely new type of treatment.

Pharmathen produces a variety of pharmaceuticals using innovative and advanced technologies. The company delivers high quality integrated solutions based on key technology platforms.
Pharmathen was founded in 1969 as a privately held pharmaceutical company. Over the past fifty years, the company has achieved significant milestones — a result of enviable performance, strict adherence to the highest ethical and operational standards, and full compliance with global regulatory authorities. (see  more in our Linkedin)